South Tyrol is a gourmet country offering the best of Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine. Spaghetti and dumplings, Speck cured ham and Mozzarella, spices and olive oil, omelette and Vitello tonnato: Culinary pleasure holidays in South Tyrol tickle your palate. South Tyrolean Speck cured ham & Kaminwurz sausages, Schüttelbrot flat-bread and the wines Gewürztraminer, Vernatsch and Lagrein are products that have their origin here. Every tenth apple in Europe grows in South Tyrol, and apple strudel is known all over the world. Cows graze on the alpine pastures and meadows and their milk is used to make the best Alpine cheese, fine yoghurt and more. You should also try and enjoy the Caroma coffee from Fiè, the local Antonius beer, the grappas and spirits from local distilleries, teas from the Schmiedthof and other local delicacies.