Over the decades, Völs has acquired real competence concerning good food and beverages. It is beyond the scope of this short text to list all delicacies that are being grown or refined in Völs. Writing about apples, bacon and happy cows will hardly even make you smile. But what about Antonius beer brewed with Völs spring water or Caroma coffee from the Völs roastery producing coffee specialities? The work of Markus Prackwieser from Gumphof and of other winemakers from Völs has catapulted our village onto the South Tyrol wine map. In the specialist magazines more and more articles about wines from Völs are published. Gastronomy and production go hand in hand on this path: an initiative promoting local food and beverages entitled Völser Kuchlkastl (Völs kitchen sideboard) has been encouraging chefs and restaurant owners for over forty years now to not only preach down-to-earth and regional food but also to serve it.