A sea of flowers, that is what you would like to see on Seiser Alm. Regrettably, this gift of nature is being damaged more and more through intensive exploitation of the land. We recommend you take the cable car to Seiser Alm and continue from Compatsch to Saltria by bus. From Saltria you continue on foot on path no. 9 up to the Murmeltierhütte (marmot lodge, 2132 m) at the foot of Plattkofel mountain. There, with a breath-taking view your Kaiserschmarrn will taste twice as good. Convince yourself on the spot of the quality of our hay; it grows on the surrounding rough pastures. Herrmann, the landlord of the lodge, mows it between mid-July and mid-August. After it has dried, a hay loader will bring it to our hotel and it will be stored in the hay barn.