There are plenty of stories about the hay baths. We let the facts speak for themselves:.

Scientific works refer to the positive, 8 to 10 months lasting effect of the series of 7-9 spas for arthrosis, sciatica, rheumatism, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, mental and physical exhaustion.

150 years ago guests from far and near already came to Fiè to enjoy the “summer freshness” and to be cured. In those days bathing in the hay was no walk in the park but physically very demanding. The strong fermentation processes led to a considerable rise in temperatures. Today the hay bath is much gentler.

The higher the pastures, the greater is the biodiversity of plants in the meadows. Due to the Dolomite soil, the Dolomites hay is known to be particularly rich. Leaf plants such as lady's mantle, black mugwort, arnica, alpine valerian, whitchgrass, ryegrass and fescue characterise the Dolomite hay. They contain predominantly essential oils, coumarin glycosides and tannins. They promote blood circulation and influence the internal organs via reflex zones on the surface of the body.