Grander revitalises water, people and their life-spaces

During the 90's of the last century Johann Grander discovered the "revitalisation" of water. He probably did not foresee the great worldwide success of his discovery. With this process the original power of water, which is lost due to environmental influences and the transport through the pressure pipes, is re-established. The natural magnetism in the water is strengthened with this revitalisation process.

Hence, the structure of water is changed and the water tastes finer, lasts longer, increases wellbeing, makes food taste better, and much more. We are happy to be able to offer Grander water for our guests in the entire hotel. Everywhere you have contact with water, be it in the shower or bath, in the pool or the outdoor pool or in the sauna, it is always Grander water.

Enjoy your holidays with "revitalised" water!
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    Rooms Just relax and keep it calm
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    Wellness Take your time and enjoy your stay
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    Combi Card 7 in Winter: Combi card 7 for free with minimum stay of 7 nights 
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    Hay bath A natural treatment to rheumatic complaints
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