This is where our hay grows

The juicy hay for our hay baths comes from the unfertilised meadows surrounding Marmot Hut (Murmeltierhütte) below Plattkofel Mountain. The 4.5 ha large area at 2,132 m of altitude is cut only once during the blossoming period (from the middle of July to the start of August). The careful drying process and storage in the hay barn at the hotel guarantees the high quality of our house and our hay baths.

Alpine hay contains more than 40 different types of grass and flowers over an area of 50 m². This Dolomite hay is extra fatty and contains leaf plants like lady's mantle, noble herbs, arnica, valerian, couch grass, ryegrass and fescue, which are responsible for the effect of the bath.

Our tip: hike to Marmot Hut!
Stamina required:
Starting and end point: Saltria (1675 m)
Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes

Take the bus to Saltria (1675 m). You hike over the wide forest path number 30, which is sometimes flat and sometimes features a light ascent, in an easterly direction and cross the beautiful Pries meadows (approx. 1800 m) with a wonderful view of the north wall of Plattkofel Mountain, and of the imposing Langkofel Mountain. Then continue on path no. 531 through a forest and over meadows to the enchanting Marmot Hut (Murmeltierhütte) at 2132 m. The hut is open in summer. Continue to Zallinger Hut (2037 m) and take the broad path 7A back to Saltria.