A unique mountain world

The majestic Dolomite rocks are simply unique. They are so unique that they were declared a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO a few years ago. The Dolomites attract visitors with their unique interplay of colours: the sprinkle at sunrise, at lunch the sky is mirrored on the rocks, and at sunset they turn red!

Coral mountains: The Dolomites are mountains from petrified seaweed and coral reefs, which arose from the ancient ocean about 270 million years ago. The entire alpine region was lifted due to the collision of the Adriatic and the Eurasian plate, and the Dolomites in South Tyrol became mountains.

The heart of the Dolomites is Ladin: The Ladin population still lives in the valleys of the Dolomites. The language is a mix of Rhaeto-Roman and Latin and is still actively spoken by about 18,000 people. The Ladin population mainly inhabits the four valleys surrounding the Sella, namely Gröden, Fassa, Buchenstein and Gadertal. From Völs you can reach Gröden via Kastelruth.

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